Priscilla Destefano

For Fairfax County School Board Member Braddock District

It’s time for a change to the school board and Priscilla DeStefano will bring that much needed change. Priscilla decided to run for the Braddock district so she can represent her local community that she has always loved and to FIGHT TO GIVE PARENTS A VOICE AGAIN

About Priscilla

Priscilla is a married mother of three – a rising tenth grader, first grader, and preschooler – who call Fairfax County their home.  She is a proud first generation American, raised by her mother and grandmother, who both emigrated from El Salvador and later became naturalized citizens. Priscilla was born in Northern Virginia. She attended Terra Center Elementary, Robinson Secondary, and graduated from Mountain View Alternative HS. After receiving her diploma, she received her associates from NOVA CC, then transferred to George Mason University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree.

Priscilla has spent her whole life in the Braddock district, and is now raising her own family here.  She loves living here, but is experiencing firsthand the impacts of the decisions made by our current school board in FCPS. Priscilla’s family was personally impacted when schools shut down in 2020, like many families, and was infuriated to see that despite accepting federal resources, FCPS failed to get children back in school.

It’s time for a change to the school board and Priscilla DeStefano will bring that much needed change. Priscilla decided to run for the Braddock district so she can represent her local community that she has always loved and to FIGHT TO GIVE PARENTS A VOICE AGAIN

Priscilla's Focus

As a parent of an FCPS student, I will represent and bring back the VOICE OF PARENTS to the school board by:

Putting Education First.
Equity and other leftist agendas have distracted FCPS from its mission which is provide worldclass education to all students. Instead we have spent more money on Social Justice agendas and lowering standards as a result, our test scores have declined.

Addressing the learning loss caused by the current school board’s response to Covid.
We must never forget that while other states and private schools in Fairfax County were open for in person learning and our buildings were closed for in person learning which caused the learning loss we are experiencing now.

Keeping our children safe.
In light of recent events in VA and around the US, we must ensure that our students are safe. Currently, our children are in trailers and some schools without a security officer on campus. We must secure our schools.

Bringing TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY back to the school board to ensure that important decisions are made with MORE feedback from parents and the community and that the academic calendars and meetings are done with the schedule of full-time workers in mind.

Respecting Parental Rights to know about what happening in their student’s lives. VA Constitution guarantees that parents have a fundamental right to direct their child’s education. Respect Parental Rights means listening to parents when they have concerns about sex education (FLE), pornography in the library, and right to know if their student is suffering from Gender disphoria.

Removing Porn from our schools
This school board has purposefully allowed pornography to remain in in our schools even after parents demanded these books to be removed. I stand with parents to remove books that are advocating for sex acts between adult and children.

Protecting women’s sports and private spaces
Women should not have to share their sport teams, locker rooms, or overnight accommodations with anyone of the opposite sex. Protecting woman sports ensures safety and fairness for all.

Ensure that special need parents and students have a voice on the school board so that our cries for help will no longer be delayed or un-answered. SUCCESS FOR EVERY STUDENT by delivering an education rooted in a rigorous curriculum, compassionate support, and parental involvement. We must help students identify THEIR STRENGTHS to navigate their own unique path to success after graduation.


Support Priscilla’s Campaign

Thank you for helping us bring the VOICE OF PARENTS back to the school board!

There are many ways you can help including:

  • Hosting a Meet and Greet for Priscilla
  • Introducing Priscilla to neighbors
  • Hosting a fundraiser for Priscilla
  • Knocking on doors for Priscilla
  • Making phone calls for Priscilla
  • Representing Priscilla at events
  • Adding yourself to Priscilla’s e-mail list
  • Praying for Priscilla and the team each week
  • Display a “Vote for Priscilla” yard sign
  • And any other ways you might suggest you could help Priscilla


Voting Information


September 22, 2023
Early Voting Begins September 22, 2023. Early voting begins at a minimum of one location, the Fairfax County Government Center Office of Elections. Vote by Mail ballots are also mailed out on this date.

October 16, 2023
Voter Registration Deadline

October 27, 2023
Deadline to request to ‘Vote by Mail’

November 4, 2023
Last day to vote early at ‘vote early’ locations

November 7, 2023
ELECTION DAY – polls open at 6 am and close at 7 pm. Vote at your regular polling location.

Visit the Virginia Department of Elections Portal to: Register to Vote | Check your Status | Find Your Polling Place | Apply to Vote Absentee by Mail


Vote for Priscilla starting September 22, 2023!

Election Day is November 7th

Our kids are counting on your vote!

Please vote for Priscilla in the Braddock district. You can confirm your precinct using the Department of Elections Citizen Portal.








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