1: "1. Clannad - A heartwarming tale of love and friendship."

2: "2. Anohana - A story of loss, friendship, and healing."

3: "3. Barakamon - A charming slice-of-life about a calligrapher in a rural village."

4: "4. Toradora! - A rom-com with lovable characters and unexpected twists."

5: "5. Silver Spoon - Follow a city boy's adventures at an agricultural school."

6: "6. Usagi Drop - A heartwarming tale of fatherhood and family bonds."

7: "7. March Comes in Like a Lion - A deep and emotional journey of a teen shogi player."

8: "8. Natsume's Book of Friends - A tale of a boy who can see spirits and his quest to return their names."

9: "9. Sound! Euphonium - A beautiful story of friendship and passion in a high school band."