1: Discover the joy of growing plants from cuttings in water with our top 10 picks.

2: Pothos, a beginner-friendly plant, thrives in water and adds a pop of green to any space.

3: Snake plants are easy to propagate in water and require minimal care to flourish.

4: Spider plants are air-purifying beauties that root quickly in water for a lush display.

5: Mint, a versatile herb, thrives when grown in water, making it a kitchen essential.

6: Begonias can be easily grown in water to showcase their vibrant blooms all year round.

7: Lavender cuttings root easily in water and bring a soothing fragrance to your home.

8: Rosemary cuttings are perfect for water propagation, adding flavor and greenery to your kitchen.

9: Coleus, with its colorful foliage, is a stunning addition to any water propagation collection.