1: Tom Hiddleston addresses the delay of The Night Manager season 2. Fans eagerly await the return of the hit series.

2: The actor discusses the complexities of the script and production challenges. The new season promises to be worth the wait.

3: Hiddleston expresses his excitement to reprise his role as Jonathan Pine. The spy thriller has captivated audiences worldwide.

4: The Night Manager's creator, John le Carré, passed away, causing further delays. Hiddleston pays tribute to the legendary author.

5: Fans speculate on the plot and potential new characters in season 2. Hiddleston hints at surprises in store for viewers.

6: The actor reveals that filming is set to begin soon after years of anticipation. Expectations are high for the upcoming season.

7: Hiddleston assures fans that the delay is due to the need for a compelling storyline. The Night Manager's return is imminent.

8: The hit series has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Hiddleston's performance as Jonathan Pine has been praised.

9: Stay tuned for updates on The Night Manager season 2. The wait is almost over for more thrilling espionage drama.