1: Introduction to Law Learn about the principles and practices that govern society. Explore the branches of law and its impact on community.

2: Criminal Law Discover the legal system that deals with crimes and offenses. Understand the processes of investigation, trial, and punishment.

3: Civil Law Delve into the regulations that resolve disputes between individuals and organizations. Explore contracts, property, and family law.

4: Constitutional Law Uncover the fundamental principles that guide government actions. Learn about rights, freedoms, and the balance of powers.

5: International Law Explore the rules that regulate relations between countries. Discover treaties, diplomacy, and the role of international organizations.

6: Environmental Law Understand the legislation that protects nature and ecosystems. Learn about pollution, conservation, and sustainable development.

7: Business Law Navigate the regulations that govern commerce and trade. Explore contracts, liabilities, and intellectual property rights.

8: Family Law Learn about the rules and processes that address family matters. Explore marriage, divorce, custody, and adoption laws.

9: Legal Careers Explore the diverse opportunities in the field of law. Learn about different roles, specialties, and paths to pursue a legal career.