1: Tired of chipmunks wreaking havoc in your yard? Follow these tips to keep them at bay!

2: Seal up any holes or cracks where chipmunks could be sneaking in.

3: Set up humane traps to catch and release chipmunks away from your yard.

4: Install fencing around gardens and plants to prevent chipmunks from feasting.

5: Use natural repellents like predator urine or garlic to deter chipmunks.

6: Keep your yard clean and clutter-free to remove hiding spots for chipmunks.

7: Plant mint, marigolds, or daffodils to repel chipmunks with their strong scent.

8: Place bird feeders and pet food inside at night to avoid attracting chipmunks.

9: Consider hiring a professional pest control service for persistent chipmunk problems.