1: Not changing nectar regularly? Hummingbirds need fresh food. Swap it every 2-3 days for happy birds.

2: Using red dye in nectar? Skip it! Natural is best for hummingbirds' health and safety.

3: Placing feeder in direct sunlight? Find a shady spot to prevent nectar spoilage and overheating.

4: Using a dirty feeder? Clean it weekly with hot water and vinegar to prevent mold and bacteria.

5: Feeder is too high or too low? Hang it at eye level for easy access and bird watching.

6: Ignoring ants at the feeder? Use an ant moat or oil barrier to keep unwanted guests away.

7: Not offering enough feeders? Multiple spots attract more hummingbirds and reduce competition.

8: Neglecting to winterize feeders? Keep nectar from freezing with insulation or bring feeders indoors.

9: Using the wrong nectar ratio? Mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water for a safe and nutritious treat.