1: Are you unintentionally deterring birds? Avoid placing feeders too close to windows.

2: Overfilling feeders can lead to mold growth. Regularly clean and refill with fresh seed.

3: Squirrel-proof your feeder to prevent unwanted guests. Invest in a squirrel baffle or dome.

4: Choosing the wrong seed mix can deter certain species. Research preferred diets for local birds.

5: Failure to clean feeders can spread disease. Disinfect regularly to maintain bird health.

6: Inconsistent feeding times can confuse birds. Establish a routine for reliable food sources.

7: Neglecting water sources can limit bird visits. Provide fresh water for drinking and bathing.

8: Placing feeders in high traffic areas can scare birds away. Opt for quieter spots to attract more species.

9: Not providing shelter near feeders can leave birds vulnerable. Plant shrubs or trees for cover and safety.