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Priscilla’s Interviews and Community Appearances…

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(November 2, 2019)

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Interview on WMAL Washington, DC Mornings on the Mall (forward to -2:50)

League of Women Voters School Board Debate September 2019…

Interview with Sebastian Gorka, Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump (forward to 38:40)

Interview with Fairfax, Virginia GOP Vice Chairman Matt Truong…

Priscilla’s Vision

Education First

An excellent education is the best gift we can provide our children in Fairfax County. It provides the foundation on which they can build their lives. We owe it to them, and to stakeholders of this county, to provide an education free of partisan politics, personal agendas, and secondary priorities. This current school board has been more focused on secondary priorities and has strayed from the foundations that are critical to the success of our school children. Whether it’s pushing county-issued mandatory laptops on high school students, renaming schools for political reasons, or continuing to place burdensome administrative tasks on our teachers, the current board has failed parents, teachers and tax payers of Fairfax County.

As an elected school board member, I will work tirelessly to re-focus the attention of the board on foundational priorities that put EDUCATION FIRST and stop wasting valuable resources on partisan politics, personal agendas and secondary priorities. Our goal as a school board should be to focus ALL of our resources on providing teachers and students with an educational environment where they can both thrive and one that delivers the superior preparation our children need to compete at the national level.

Transparency & Accountability

I believe parents are the first and most important educators in a child’s life. They need to be engaged in the process and informed about their children’s education. Unfortunately for our current school board this is not a priority and, in fact, they continue to make important decisions prior to seeking community feedback. They are, once again, putting partisan politics, personal agendas and secondary priorities ahead of all else. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to gain access to and review educational materials their children are given on a daily basis. This is unacceptable and it MUST change.

As an elected school board member, I will work tirelessly to give parents the visibility and the voice they have been lacking. I will work to bring important issues from out of the shadows so that parents can, once again, become engaged and a part of the process. I will work to ensure that access to course materials becomes less cumbersome. Without transparency and accountability I believe students, parents and the community are ill-served by their elected officials.

As an elected school board member I will hold myself and my colleagues accountable to all stakeholders and I will be a voice of reason in support of parental rights.

Success for Every Student

According to FCPS, almost 90% of children have plans to pursue higher education upon leaving high school. What they fail to mention is that only 60% of those students actually graduate from a four year college or university. In a time when our nation’s young adults are drowning in college debt, they certainly can’t afford to fail after they leave FCPS. We owe it to them to prepare them for what lies ahead –  whether it’s a four year degree or higher, technical or trade school, full-time employment, or serving our country in the military. Success for each student, regardless of their path, requires a strong educational foundation, strong work ethic, and the necessary life skills to handle the challenges that await them in an ever-changing, fast-paced world.

As a school board member, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our students receive the strongest educational foundation possible, rooted in a rigorous curriculum, compassionate support, and parental involvement. I believe the job of our school board is to create a system that empowers educators to do what they do best and allows our students to thrive. We must do everything in our power to properly prepare them for success, regardless of their chosen path after they leave.

About Priscilla

A First Generation Hard Working Mom

Priscilla DeStefano is a married mother of two who lives in Fairfax County.

She is a proud first generation American. Priscilla, along with her two older siblings, went to school and grew up in Fairfax County in the Burke community. She was raised by her mother and grandmother, who both immigrated to the United States from El Salvador and later became naturalized citizens. They both serve as an inspiration to her for their strong family values, their incredible work ethic, and the example they set for her every day.

Priscilla attended Terra Centre Elementary and then Robinson Secondary. During her senior year at Robinson, Priscilla became pregnant with her first son. She subsequently transferred to Mountain View High School, an alternative school for mothers-to-be, where she finished her secondary education and received classes in parenting.

With the support of her mother and loving family, Priscilla was able to raise her son in her family home and attend college. She obtained an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Northern Virginia Community College, then transferred to George Mason University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. After graduation, Priscilla started her career then later married in 2015.

When it became possible to purchase their first home, and raise their soon to be growing family, Priscilla and her husband knew that Fairfax County was the place they wanted to be. They purchased their first home just two miles away from her childhood home. In 2016 they welcomed their second child.

Priscilla has faced adversity and challenges as a young adult and a young mother. Thanks to the support of her family and to the rigorous education she received in Fairfax County, she prospered and succeeded in raising her first son, finishing college, and starting her career.

Priscilla has an incredibly strong work ethic and drive to succeed, having worked since she was 15 and overcoming the incredible personal challenges she faced as a young adult. While raising her family in the county she loves, with her oldest son in elementary school, she has grown frustrated with the lack of focus on the core principles that made her education in Fairfax County so pivotal to her success. Priscilla wants to take her strong work ethic and drive and apply it helping FCPS re-focus its energy on providing the rigorous education our children need to thrive and eventually compete in a highly competitive world.

Heavily Invested in Fairfax County

Priscilla is heavily invested in FCPS as a lifelong student and graduate from the system and now raising a growing family in Fairfax County. Her oldest is a 6th grader and her youngest will be enrolled in the fall of 2019 in Fairfax County’s preschool program for children with special needs. She wants to ensure that her children and every student in Fairfax County are provided the opportunity and resources they need to thrive and succeed, just as she and her family did for decades in Fairfax County.

The time for wasting valuable resources on partisan politics, personal agendas and secondary priorities is over. It’s time for a change to the school board and Priscilla DeStefano will bring that much needed change.

ENDORSED by Community Organizations

Voices of Fairfax has ENDORSED Priscilla Destefano for Fairfax County School Board Member at Large.

The organization undertook an endorsement process because community members repeatedly asked who, based upon our research, would best represent their concerns. This has been a time-consuming process, full of intense and respectful debate with input from residents throughout Fairfax County. We appreciate the time candidates provided in responding to our questionnaire, meeting with us, participating in debates, and making themselves available at community events. We encourage you to exercise your VOICE at the ballot box, and we look forward to working with the new School Board.


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